thinking Thought Cycle (2/10/2016) - We have been told importance of thinking many times since childhood. Thought become things so be careful of your thoughts…!!!¬†Everyone around us says, “Always think positive“. Our parents used to says, “Always have Good friends” which they indirectly mean to say that so that your thoughts will always be positive and Good, you will study … Continue reading "Thought Cycle"
discipline Power of Discipline (4/24/2016) - Discipline is the bridge between your dream and becoming that reality. As a person you may have any kind of professional/financial OR personal goal but unless you harness basic fundamental power of discipline you will not be able to achieve your goal. Discipline is like that one fundamental power you must have to conquer anything … Continue reading "Power of Discipline"
faith Faith (5/22/2016) - Faith – one of the most basic ingredient required for successful happy¬†life. Dictionary meaning of this word is “Confidence or trust in a person or thing“. Trust/Belief in whom? Yes, Belief in yourself. If you don’t have belief in your dream then how can you expect others to have belief in your dreams/ability? It would … Continue reading "Faith"