Faith – one of the most basic ingredient required for successful happy life. Dictionary meaning of this word is “Confidence or trust in a person or thing“. Trust/Belief in whom? Yes, Belief in yourself. If you don’t have belief in your dream then how can you expect others to have belief in your dreams/ability?

It would be interesting to explore how this system works?

In order to understand system of faith first lets first see how our mind works? One of nature of human mind is Pramana. Our mind is always looking for proof. When someone says some good things about you, first thought comes to your mind is “really?!” Your mind instantly starts looking for proof. Ponder over this for couple of minutes you will realize it. Just recollect a situation when last time you had said “I love you” to your wife :) If someone says bad thing about you will quickly accept it but for Good things your mind will keep haunting for proofs. Because of this minds nature we waste most of our thought energy in looking for proofs.

Thought energy that is our intentions are the most powerful force which drives our life’s direction. If we waste this power in doubting then indirectly its getting used in opposite direction of our dreams.
Now If your having faith in your dreams then instead of wasting powerful thought energy in doubting your mind will start looking for various ways of achieving the same. Because of this you will work in full gear for achieving your dreams. Your actions only leads to manifestation of your dreams. So for getting force of this super natural thought power in your dreams directions its very important that you should have faith in yourself. Having faith is like half the battle is already won, This itself will show you path towards your dream then you just need to take concrete actions for achieving the same. Taking action is very important.

Law of energy conservation states,
“Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It just gets transferred from one form to another.”
So because of faith, your thought energy gets converted into physical form through your actions.

Indians have very famous tradition of taking vow in front of God for fulfillment of wish. now lets analyse how faith plays role here. When we face some tough time OR have some difficult task in hand, we go in temple and say, “God, please help me in this task, I will do so and so things for you”. Its funny that we try to bribe God for fulfilling our wish. But if you see other side of this coin you will understand how indirectly faith is working in this case. Since you took vow in front of God, you feel that God’s divine power is with you. You stop doubting your ability and completely focus your attention on your task. Because of this your tasks gets completed.

So if Faith is so much of important then how to develop it?

Basically as a human being, we are what we see? what we hear? The kind of information we allowed to feed our mind through our senses same kind of thought development happens in our mind. Always think that whatever is your dream, it will come true. Everything is possible. Your always taken care by the almighty who created you. If that supreme power can take care of for nine months in mother’s womb then don’t you think same power will take care of you for next ninety years? Just have faith in that supreme power and in yourself. Feed your mind that you can do it. Dream big, work best of your ability and leave magic of manifestation to God. Don’t think How it will happen….Just keep working towards it. Remember….When logic ends Magic begins…!!!