Power of Discipline

Discipline is the bridge between your dream and becoming that reality. As a person you may have any kind of professional/financial OR personal goal but unless you harness basic fundamental power of discipline you will not be able to achieve your goal. Discipline is like that one fundamental power you must have to conquer anything in life. Success is all about those small daily wins.

Lets say your over weight and have goal of losing weight. So your very much determined for losing weight and you have decided that you won’t eat anything for next 10 days unless at least 10 kg weight is lost. Is it possible? OR lets say you thought of starting 10 km jogging everyday. All of sudden will you be able to run 10 km? You may control your hunger for a day but after couple of days you will start feeling weakness and will fall sick. So its not possible.

Instead of that you reflected on your lifestyle and observed type of food you eat, number of coffees you drink and you observed kind of extra unnecessary calories your taking in your body. For example, You observed that when your in office even though you had coffee at 4 pm, still your taking one extra coffee at 6 pm just because you got bored of sitting at a stretch and working. So as a starting point you started drinking half cup of coffee at 6 pm. After doing this for 10 days, on 11th day you reduced sugar quantity of this dose and further on 21st day you reduced sugar quantity further and slowly after a month instead of drinking coffee you may think of having a walk and listen to your favorite music. You will completely forget drinking that extra coffee at 6 pm. Its not just about coffee but with help of discipline you got rid of those extra calories. Something more have happened to your subconscious mind because of this. Now you have installed this awareness in you subconscious that “sometimes your consuming extra calories”. Now since your mind is aware of it, during birthday parties you may not go for second round of cake. Now you will not think “nothing wrong will happen just because of that extra piece of cake.” You will start avoiding those unnecessary extra intake of calories. Failure is small error of judgement repeated everyday. This awareness blended in your thought process because of discipline will help you to avoid those errors of judgement.
Similarly you also started walking for something in the morning. after 10 days you started jogging only for 500 meters. After getting used to it slowly on 21st day you started jogging for 1 km. As your body get into rhythm at the end of two months you may jog for 3 to 4 km. Because of daily discipline you will find at the end of month you may have lost at least 1-2 kg. Now you have got that power of discipline so you will definitely lose 10 kg at the end of 3 to 4 months.

The most important thing is discipline slowly sets in magic of compound effect and your results starts multiplying.
Have you heard of story of doubling pennies? Let’s say your getting offer of being given one million rupees, OR one penny on the first day, double that penny the next day and then double the previous day’s pennies and so on for a month? which one would you take?
Initially looks like accepting One Million rupees and becoming millionaire is quite a good deal. But if you take a closer look, you will discover that if you simply double penny everyday then on 31st day it will become 10.7 Million rupees. Surprised??!! then do that calculation. Yes, because of discipline of multiplying penny magic of compound effect happened.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to harness power of discipline. Decide what you want to achieve in your life OR at least in next one year. Then identify one thing that you must do to achieve your that goal. Start with great determination and don’t miss your daily discipline at any cost. Do it religiously with great enthusiasm and faith. You will surely experience power of discipline which sets in magic of compound effect in your life. Let me know your experiences as comments. All the Best…!!!